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Before you get started transferring your domains, you will need to go to your current registrar (where you purchased your domain from) unlock the domain, and get the authorization code.


If you need help, please contact your current registrar to get the information you need so you can complete the process on this website page.

Complete the following steps with your current registrar:
  • Unlock the domain name.
  • Get an Authorization Code (also known as EPP code or transfer key)
  • Verify administrator’s contact information is correct.
  • This is important because emails regarding the transfer process will be sent to the administrator’s email address. (Except for .au domains, where all transfer information is sent to the registrant contact’s email.)
  • Cancel Protected Registration or Private Registration if you have it.


Step 1


Step 2


Look at all the cool features you get:

Domain Forwarding and Masking
  • Direct any domain name you own to your website — then, anyone who enters that domain name into a browser will be taken to your website.

Domain Locking
  • Prevent accidental — or intentional — transfers of domain ownership, and anyone redirecting your nameservers.

Total DNS Control
  • Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records and set your email, FTP, sub-domains and website location — all from a single control panel.

Change of Registration
  • Reassign your domain name (fee required) or change the contacts for your domain.

Status Alerts
  • Monitor the status of your domain. We’ll instantly alert you if there’s been a change or we detect suspicious activity.

Why transfer to

Manage domains with ease.

  • Folders, subdomains, forwarding and more make managing a breeze.

Automated transfers are easy.

  • Transferring your domains happens in the background. So you save time, big time.

Multiple domains, one home.

  • Having multiple domains in one place makes managing your names easier.

Walk in like you own the place.

  • Our tools are made for investors but are simple to use. You’ll master them in no time.

*Pricing excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

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