Email Plans

If your argument against a custom email address is that Gmail and Yahoo provide perfectly good free ones, consider this: If you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money with a company, which salesperson email would you feel more confident in: -Or-

Free email services, such as Gmail and Yahoo, are great for personal use, but when you use a free email account for business purposes, people will start to doubt your professionalism and credibility.

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Online Cloud Storage

Get more space for less money. A fee for unlimited storage in the cloud is cheaper than buying and maintaining lots of hard drive storage space.

Not to mention your data is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. The service allows the users to store files online, so that they can access them from any location via the Internet.

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Online Calendar

Manage your business calendar & team schedule from home or on-the-go! Easily track appointments & let clients book meetings online 24/7.

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